Contract Administration

Having chosen your Main Contractor the next step is to get them on site and start the actual construction process, it probably 6 months or more since you first decided that you wanted to build something and now you are almost ready to start.

It is essential that the right form of contract is used for your particular project there are dozens of different forms of contract to choose from, we can help.

Once you have your Main Contractor signed up and under contract things start to move really quickly. We can provide you with regular Site Inspections with visit notes and record photographs being issued following each visit. It is also possible to spot any issues that occur on site and deal with their re-percussions.

It is also necessary to arrange Site Meetings from time to time, we are happy to arrange and chair such meetings.

The issue of Interim Payment Certificates, Instructions and all other contract documentation can also be issued on your behalf.

We can even prepare a snagging list at the end of the project and issue this to the main Contractor for completion prior to the issue of any final payments.