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We then visit a short list of properties and prepare a report focusing on the merits of each, based on...

  • Location

  • Accessibility

  • Form

  • Structure

  • Suitability for alteration

Delivering the project

  • We can provide an approximate elemental cost of works based on the requirements agreed.

  • Once the scheme is decided, our first task is to submit a planning application (if required) to the local authority. This application will take approx. 8 weeks, before any approval can be granted.

  • More detailed drawings and a basic construction specification are then produced to form a building regulations application.

  • More concise drawings, room layouts and detailed specification documents are produced, along with a list of suitable contractors who will then be invited to tender for the work.

  • Once the figures and terms of the contract are agreed, then construction work can commence on site.

  • Project handover, and the client moves in.

  • Defects liability period.

  • The project is now finished, however we are always available to help and give advice where we can.



Finding the perfect property.

About us & Our Process

Finding the right property

Choosing the right property is fundamental in the outcome of the project.

This process often begins with The Accommodation Report, prepared by the expert witness will set out the basic requirements, such as location, type, room sizes etc.


From this, we can assist in sourcing suitable properties, ranging from the adaptation of a sizeable home, to extending a smaller property with purpose designed accommodation, all depending on the recommendations of the Accommodation Report, family requirements, Occupational Therapist advice and so on.

Designing the perfect scheme

Each client is individual with very specific requirements. We place a strong emphasis on the design team principle, where all parties are encouraged to share their input in order to achieve the perfect scheme.

Any compromises should be discussed and agreed with all concerned.

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